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Established since 1985, the Cambodian Association of Victoria is very proud of be the sole surviving Cambodian organization to provide services to Cambodian Community today. Over the period of more than thirty years, the Cambodian Association has provided professional development training to young Cambodian people to gain their skill and experience to further their career into the Australia workforce or running their own businesses.

We contributed in building up the human resources for the Australian society which included the benefit of the new arrival of Cambodian settlement in Australia.

Our Mission: To deliver quality services to the disadvantage members of our community.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a leading non-profit organization in delivering welfare services to the Cambodian community in Victoria.

Our Objectives: To provide welfare service to the disadvantaged members of the Cambodian community in Victoria. To promote good relationship between Cambodian, Australians and Australians of other ethnic origins. To improve greater opportunities of access for Cambodian vis-a-vis resources and services provided by government and non-government agencies. To foster and promote Cambodian cultural heritage and traditions in Australia.

Our Logo: The head with four faces of Prhom (Brahma)

The Head with Four Faces of Prohm (Brahma)

Prohm is the name well known in Buddhist mythology, Cambodian history and Cambodian literature. In Buddhist mythology and the trinity of Prohm is the name well known in Buddhist mythology, Cambodian history and Cambodian literature

In Buddhist mythology and the trinity of Hinduism, the God Brakma (Preah Prum) is the creator of land, water, wind, fire and all living beings. When living beings die, their souls return to Prohom for purification . In a sense, Prohm is thought of as parents whose wisdom used moral values are beyond reproaches.

In Cambodian history, many temples were built during the reign of King Cheyavaraman VII, the most impressive in the 12th century. The Angkor Thom complex contains the world famous Bayon temple. There are 54 towers, not as high as Angkor Wat, but still tremendous. Each tower has four faces of Prohm, who casts his benevolence to the four points of the compass. The 216 faces indeed were carved in Cheyavaraman VII’s own images as the Buddhist God-King.

It is during his reign that the Khmer empire was at the Zenith of its power. Khmer’s influence covered the whole of the Indo-China peninsular. Sydney architect Douglas Snelling who later became Honorary Consul for Cambodia in Sydney wrote in the Bulletin (7th Nov. 1964).

‘It is said that Chyavaraman VII commanded an army of over a million men, with 200,000 elephants trained for war. He had huge naval fore of arrow-proof boats and machines for firing arrows.” An early Chinese visitor said, “When he went to war, the sun was darkened by the dust of his armies of elephants”.

Cheyavaraman VII did not only build temples but also built 102 well-staffed and equipped community health centres and 101 rest houses along the impressive network of roads linking Angkor Thom to the far reach of the empire. A stone inscription in tribute to him read, “…the people’s suffering is his own pain…”. This of course is indicative of Prohm’s compassion that he felts towards his people. It is in the above noble tradition and spirit that the head of Prohm is being adapted as the Association’s Logo. But most important of all, the context of this Association, the head of Prohm symbolizes the OBJECTIVE of this Association espoused in its constitution. The head of the Prohm is also to symbolise this Association’s commitment to build a strong Cambodian community to enable it to take its rightful place amongst the new aspiring communities of this multicultural society through equitable participation and access to resources, and full realization of al its potential.

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